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  • Is Your Dealership Using Facebook Correctly?

    Is Your Dealership Using Facebook Correctly?

    This video is about car dealers using Facebook in their marketing strategy. Never miss any new article. Join our mailing list today! You Have Successfully Subscribed to the NewsletterRead More »
  • Power of Hashtag for Marketing Campaigns

    Power of Hashtag for Marketing Campaigns

    Visit any of the social media platforms and you are sure to stumble upon the ubiquitous “hashtag”.  A hashtag is a label or tag used on social media sites to help users easily identify content that interests them. The hash sign (#) converts any word or phrase following it into a link that can be searched.  For instance, if you are updating people on the traffic in your city, you can mention it as #TrafficUpdateCityName. […]Read More »
  • The Most Important “Door”  to Your Dealership

    The Most Important “Door” to Your Dealership

    The most important “door” to your dealership isn’t a literal door. It’s a metaphorical door and it’s your website. There are 3 “doors” to your dealership. The first and most important is your website. The next is the phone and the third is your actual front door. You may be thinking but if I can’t get them in the door then how do I make the sale?  When a car buyer begins their car shopping […]Read More »
  • How to Respond to Poor Online Customer Reviews

    How to Respond to Poor Online Customer Reviews

    Businesses approach us often about reputation management. Whether it be Google, Yelp, Facebook, or other review, responding to poor customer reviews can be tricky. More often than not, when a customer is posting an online review they are either extremely satisfied or extremely dissatisfied with the level of service they receive or the product they purchase.  Why? People will not go out of their way to write a review if the level of service or […]Read More »

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