November 2, 2018

2017 Will Be the Year Of…

Content and social media presence. While we’ve already seen a shift towards high quality, engaging content for 2016, in 2017 creating top tier content and having a consistent social presence will no longer be a suggestion but a requirement. And that’s not just for the big Fortune 500 brands but a standard for businesses across the board. Yes, even you small business owners. Why? Because content is so easy to distribute and create, consumers are now expecting brands to create content that informs, delights, excites, entices and engages them.

Customers don’t simply want content, they crave it, they seek it out and they find what they’re looking for. It’s now the job of the brand to be the trusted resource when it comes to their industry and delight them through content. If a customer has a problem that’s within your area of expertise, be the solution and give them the answer they’re looking for. If they are scrolling looking for interesting content in their free time, be there with creative content that engages them.

At this point you may be asking, “ But how do you dominate content in 2017?” I’m glad you asked. Here’s 3 simple ways to start creating top notch, engaging content.

Know your customers and what they would find interesting

No matter what your industry, there are ways to create content your audience will find interesting. Dig deep for that creative idea.

Optimize the content for the platform you’ll be posting on

For instance, Facebook has silent automatic play video. Create your videos to translate well with and without audio.

Stay educated on trends

Did you know that you can add stickers in Instagram stories? Or that Facebook now has Facebook Live Audio and you don’t have to go Live with video only? Knowing what your platforms can do and how your audience uses them will help you in creating quality content that resonates with your customers.

What happens if you don’t innovate or adapt? You’ll be like MySpace, a throwback to a different time and eventually forgotten watching the Facebook’s of the world get bigger and more successful. Harsh? Maybe. But sometimes the truth hurts. But the good news is you can still do something about it. Don’t be a Myspace. Place your brand in the position of leading with content and dominate 2017.

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