November 2, 2018

Just Add Social. Automotive Advertising Agency

Do you remember when your advertising campaign consisted of radio, television, and newspaper only? We all know that much in advertising has changed but many of the traditional mediums are still traditional.

Don’t get take this the wrong way but we are fans of traditional media and there is definitely still a place for it. In most cases, traditional media increases a dealerships cost per lead costing auto dealers upwards $350 or more per unit. This can equate to overspending by thousands in the wrong medium.

Our suggestion is just to add social. Many automotive dealers are reluctant to include social media into their advertising mix. Auto dealers fear to pull away from the media that they have traditionally advertised on.

The same fear that dealers had for digital media when it emerged is the same fear when it comes to social media. The dealer that advertises on social media EFFECTIVELY will be the dealer that gives his closest competitor a run for their money. Social media is the white space in advertising that needs to be taken advantage of. Social media is where the consumer is giving their attention to. If you truly want to drive more leads for your dealership just add social.

About the author: Eric Elliott is an advertising agency Principal of VIP Marketing with extensive knowledge in traditional, digital and social media marketing. Since starting VIP Marketing in 2009, Eric Elliott has partnered with clients to help catapult the branding and awareness of #automotive dealerships and #lawfirms across the US..

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Just Add Social-Auto Dealers Advertising on Facebook

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