December 6, 2019

Keeping up with the Konnections

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Do you remember dial-up? Phones with cords? Only a few channels on t.v.? Maybe you remember gathering around a radio for news and entertainment.

Now, you pick up a 6” by 3” rectangle, press a glass screen, open a small square within that rectangle to unlock hours and hours of entertainment and content.

How is it that a small rectangle that would be considered sorcery 20 years ago controls our lives?

To dig a little deeper, how is it that we feel the need to have a certain amount of likes on a ‘selfie’ or post about how our day is going?

The truth is that technology and media go hand-in-hand. The more intimidating truth is that both are drastically changing each and every day.

Platforms that once thrived from a simple website are now converting to apps.

Craigslist, for example, recently announced they will be extending their content to mobile applications, much like its predecessor eBay.

Content and technology are going where the people go.

Apple announced that future iPhones will no longer have a USB port for charging, but rather be wireless charging.

Why are these new tech developments important?

Because if you aren’t keeping up with the times, you are behind on the times.

Just like the ever-changing technologic environment, you need to be quick on your feet and stay running with the pack.

You do that by utilizing platforms such as social media- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat; streaming services – Netflix, Hulu, YouTube; the app that tells you the WAZE to go contains advertisements that will direct people to your business.

How do big-name brands pop-up on these mediums? How can your brand or business interrupt someone’s next binge session?

Very Important Placement.

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