February 3, 2020

No, Hulu and Tom Brady, We Did it First

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Remember that time that Hulu ran a Craft Creative video?

We are not saying Hulu stole the idea from us, but we may be hinting that there was some inspiration involved.

The beginning of the year, Craft Creative released a video for 2020. Chief Inspiration Officer Eric Elliott narrated.

During last night’s big game, Tom Brady starred in a Hulu commercial that looks oddly familiar.

Take a look:

Now, here’s Craft Creative’s video:

Again, we are not saying they stole the idea, but who came first – the chicken or the egg?

You tell us.

***disclaimer: no, we are not accusing Hulu or Tom Brady of copyright infringement. We just find humor in the situation. But also, if you want ‘Tom Brady-in-a-Hulu-Super-Bowl-Commercial level work, we know some guys.

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