August 16, 2019

Social Media News This Week Aug. 11- Aug. 16

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Facebook is now rolling out two options for movie ads on it’s platform. This will include prompts displayed for movies you’ve registered an interest in and a direct booking option through Facebook.

Facebook is only offering two privacy settings for groups Public and Private in order to provide more clarity to users in groups.

Living in London and want to know more about Facebook privacy? Go visit the first Facebook Cafe on August 28 or 29 for a free drink and privacy checkup lesson.


Too many people sliding into your DMs? Twitter is testing a new content filtering system for message requests that will place unwanted messages into an alternate inbox.


Instagram is launching an option to allow users to report false information, whether it be spam or inappropriate.


Finally some good news for Youtube Creators. Youtube is updating its Content ID claims process to better protect incidental use of copyright material.

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