June 22, 2016

What Are Digital Cowboys & How To Handle Them

Category: Marketing Strategy

As digital advertising becomes the norm more and more digital cowboys appear. 


Digital and social advertising are now paramount in marketing campaigns. 

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It amazes me how many digital cowboys have appeared. You now have tv stations, radio stations and outdoor companies becoming digital sales representatives. Most have limited knowledge and depth of digital media and use digital buzzwords to convey their presentations. You have the same representatives selling you tv, radio or outdoor and try to advise you on digital. These people are what we call digital cowboys.

A lot of these presentations are the equivalent of going to Subway restaurants and asking to see their meat slicer. Campaigns aren’t managed in-house most are outsourced to digital teams outside of their building.

Meanwhile, the local or regional client is paying a higher premium or CPM (cost per thousand) with fewer funds going towards their digital campaign. Don’t let the digital cowboys take over your campaign or budget. For more insight and information on your digital campaign go to www.veryimportantplacement.com subscribe and get informed.


Do you feel you don’t understand the digital advertising space? If so don’t hesitate in giving us a call. Get the most out of your digital advertising and spend.


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